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Integrate your media operations
Molten Cloud seamlessly connects rights, royalties, and content workflows in one intuitive system for cutting edge efficiency
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Our Core Offerings
Vertically integrate your media operations
Customizable multi-cloud infrastructure built to meet your business’ needs
Rights management
Rights, contracts, licensing: digitize contracts, calculate and share avails in real-time, metadata, custom rights trees, licensing workflows, search, exports, alerts
Financials management
Waterfalls, royalties and revenue data ingestion: custom financial structures, fix collisions, bulk process revenue reports, calculate royalties, producer reports
Content management
All your content globally, at your fingertips: store, search, deliver, watermark, package, encrypt, share, transcode, and stream, with multi-cloud orchestration
Increase in revenue in the 1st year using Molten Cloud
Reduction in distribution operations man-hours
Reduction in delivery costs compared to the status quo
Achieve results with Molten Cloud
Streamline your media operations