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Stop Pitching the Same Titles to Amazon Prime (and Other Platforms) - Here's How

In the dynamic world of film distribution, time is a precious resource. The traditional process of pitching content to platforms such as Amazon Prime can be an intricate dance involving meticulous library scouring, crafting avails, attaching screeners, and aligning everything to the specific needs of streaming platforms. Once the negotiations conclude and a deal is signed, the cycle repeats. However, there's a critical question that often gets overlooked: Are you pitching the same titles repeatedly to the same platforms?

Tracking this can be a daunting task if not downright impossible. Utilizing spreadsheets for rights management is already a complex task, and other tools might not track these pitches, let alone facilitate searches for them.

That’s where Molten Cloud is different. 

Need to know what titles in your library have not been pitched to Amazon Prime? Molten Cloud can tell you in less than 20 seconds. Yes, we actually sat down and timed it. See for yourself!

Molten Cloud's capabilities extend far beyond simple queries. Imagine needing to find horror or adventure titles, available in Spanish, available for Latin America (excluding Argentina and Brazil), directed by acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, and available after March 1st, 2024. Molten Cloud can tell you that too.

Distribution events are just one of an incredibly rich well of data put at your fingertips by Molten Cloud's advanced search. Answer any question about your data, no matter how granular. Never leave a stone unturned, and with one single source of truth , you never risk violating your rights contracts. When it comes time to share your avails, we can do that too. Need a screener? No problem. Molten Cloud does the tedious work for you, so you can focus on what you do best - distributing your content.

Interested to see what 19.37 second avails looks like? Meet Molten Cloud.