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Customizable pricing
Molten Cloud caters to your needs
Modular. Customizable. As unique as your company. To get started, choose one or more core plans, and customize with add-on applications. Create your own custom bundle, and only pay for what you need.
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Molten Cloud is the foundation
These core features are available across every plan at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited users
  • White glove onboarding
  • Pre-integrated with services
  • No software installation
  • API integrations
  • Free updates
  • Access controls
Core Plans
Unlock your full revenue potential with deep automation. Eliminate the risk of double selling and discover hidden revenue with accurate, instant avails, sleek exports, and one powerful source of truth.
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  • Comprehensive avails search
  • Create avails: QR code, PDF, XLSX, and websites
  • Autofill platform templates
  • Duplicate rights detection
  • Unlimited titles and contracts
  • Custom rights trees, territory trees, and more
  • Advanced contracts search
  • Flexible metadata
  • Customizable contracts
Store, deliver, receive, organize, and process all your content securely across the world — any file, any size. Discover click-of-a-button delivery workflows.
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  • Pay per terabyte
  • Secure screeners
  • High level encryption
  • Custom watermarking
  • Access controls
  • 100+ delivery destinations
  • Distribution tracking
  • MRSS feeds
  • Easy platform delivery
  • Direct ingestion from 3rd parties
Automatically calculate royalties with the world’s most streamlined royalty engine. Easily ingest, calculate, and export with accuracy —  all in one afternoon.
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  • One click royalty calculation
  • Ingest revenue reports
  • Support for common platform reports
  • Customizable ingest templates
  • Automated error scan
  • Automated title matching
  • Learns from your data
  • Export by licensor, title, contract & more!
Uncover unexploited rights and automate dealmaking for umbrella contracts.
  • Scan for unexploited rights
  • Automated deal proposals
E your sales team at markets w visibility into the sales pipeline.
  • Track offers
  • Calculate ultimates
  • Auto-generate contracts
Address Book
Integrate your contacts for streamlined workflows.
  • Easy upload
  • Directly share reports
  • Auto-populate fields
Track and send invoices from contracts based on contract financials.
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Easily send and track
Limited Access Accounts for third parties, streamlining collaboration and ingestion.
  • Custom access controls
  • Track and manage users
Stay on track with your onboarding schedule.
  • White glove onboarding
  • Never lose track of your progress
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