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Fast Track Your Content Delivery: How Molten Cloud Boosts Speed by 3-5X

In the competitive world of film and TV distribution, being fast isn't just nice to have; it's essential. With a volume-oriented market, traditional methods of content storage and delivery have been pushed to their limits. If you're involved in content delivery, you know the problems well: slow downloads and uploads, complicated cloud processes, and the high costs that come with them. Enter Molten Cloud - a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing content delivery by significantly enhancing speed and simplifying the process.

A Christmas Miracle Courtesy of Molten Cloud

Picture this: it's nearly Christmas, and your team has just sealed a monumental deal. The catch? Your content needs to be on the streaming platform by January. Oof. It may sound like a cliche, but this scenario isn’t all that uncommon. Sandro Gohoho, President of Licensing and Logistics at Echelon Studios, has found himself in this very position. With a massive package of 1,000 titles, and a tight deadline - Sandro was relieved to have adopted Molten Cloud. In a situation that might have been impossible before, Sandro’s team was able to deliver their content swiftly, and cost effectively on Molten Cloud, just in the nick of time. 

It’s not the only time Molten Cloud has helped a distributor quickly close and deliver a large end of year deal. In a recent podcast, One World Digital CEO, Zack Coffman, shared the circumstances around his recent acquisition of blockbuster film Serenity. The deal came with a major caveat - that the film be available on streaming platforms by January. Zack isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, and thanks to Molten Cloud, he didn’t have to. He jumped on the opportunity, using Molten Cloud to pitch, close, and deliver the film in rapid succession, adding a major film to his library.

Boom, That’s It

There’s no question that Molten Cloud is making a major difference for content delivery operations. According to Sandro, Echelon Studios can now deliver 3-5 times faster using the exact same human resource capability compared to the past. It’s not only in the speed of delivery, but in the time it takes to put a package together. Indie Rights CEO, Linda Nelson, shares how her delivery workflows have changed:

“If someone decided they wanted to license 10 or 20 films it could take sometimes a week to get the delivery together. Now with Molten Cloud, we’ve delivered 300 films at once, and it took us an hour to put that package together. And boom, that’s it.”

The Molten Cloud Advantage

So how do we do it? To understand what Molten Cloud does differently, requires a brief chronological journey through the landscape. 

In the film and TV operations of yesteryears, delivery was a simpler task. Deals were smaller, and libraries were too. A distributor could easily keep track of films - and might have stored them on tapes, or later drives. Sending a delivery was about as straightforward as it sounds - you put together a package, literally, and send it in the mail. Today, it’s a confusing minefield. Many still use drives, for storage, delivery, or both. Others might use cloud tools like AWS or Aspera, or outsource delivery to a lab. Most rely on a combination of all of the above - making the process even more chaotic, with a lot of time spent chasing down data, and the risk of paying to manage and store duplicate data, high.

Molten Cloud is different. Molten Cloud centralizes your data across rights, content, and even royalties, using innovative technology to streamline workflows. When it comes to delivery this means that everything you need is right at your fingertips, with the ability to easily package titles, files, and even metadata. No need to chase anything down, and never pay to store the same file twice. When it comes time to hit send, it’s as easy as that. WIth over 100 established destinations for automated delivery, the process is often as simple as the click of a button. 

With Molten Cloud, a process that once required intricate coordination across departments, can now be managed by a single person with a few clicks. The impact? Christmas miracles. Fast deliveries mean tight deadlines will never stand between you and a game-changing deal. Never worry whether your deals are worth the effort and cost of delivery.