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Rights Management

Giant Pictures Cuts up to 16 Hours of Work Weekly and Triples its Catalog with Molten Cloud

Overview: Scaling with Efficiency

Giant Pictures, a leading content aggregator, operates in the high-volume, high-stakes realm of media distribution. The company navigates a labyrinth of non-exclusive deals, handling an intricate array of metadata, rights, and content availability. The challenge was not just managing this complexity but scaling efficiently. We engaged with Giant Pictures’ Licensing Manager, Chase Menaker to understand how Molten Cloud catalyzed their growth trajectory.

Tackling Fractured Workflows

Before Molten Cloud, Giant Pictures grappled with outdated, disconnected tools. Chase, referring to their previous rights tool, described it as "primitive" and cumbersome, leading to reluctance in its usage. The team found themselves mired in manual tasks - copying, pasting, and scouring through disjointed systems for crucial data. This not only drained time but also significantly hindered their capability to manage a burgeoning media library effectively.

“The sales team were doing things like hand picking titles and pulling metadata from individual sources, pulling artwork from individual sources, copying and pasting, etc. Today they can just export a sheet - it's much quicker.”

Molten Cloud: A Paradigm Shift

In the rapidly evolving media sector, fragmented operations are no longer viable. Molten Cloud emerged as a holistic solution for Giant Pictures. By integrating an entire spectrum of data - from rights and contracts to titles, metadata, and files - into a unified platform, Molten Cloud streamlined what were once convoluted, multi-step processes. This integration not only ensured efficiency but also established a single, reliable source of truth accessible to the entire team, drastically reducing operational time.

Chase estimates that Molten Cloud shaves days of work from weekly tasks. During pitching cycles, streamlined workflows on Molten Cloud cuts out as many as 16 hours of work per week, for each member of the Sales team. He also reports 30 minutes to 2 hours of time saved each week from licensing workflows.

The Impact

Integrating Molten Cloud revolutionized how Giant Pictures managed their extensive content library. This strategic move not only saved substantial operational time each week but also empowered the company to scale effectively in the fiercely competitive arena of film and TV content aggregation. Molten Cloud has helped their library more than triple in size, all while streamlining operations and fostering sustainable growth.