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Industry Insight

How a Major Media Company Migrated 1 Million files in One Week


Molten Cloud has revolutionized how a leading entertainment distribution company handles its vast digital library, proving that with the right tools, even the largest datasets can be managed with precision and efficiency. Through a customized and innovative approach, Molten Cloud successfully ingested one million files in just a week, transforming the company's data management strategy. 

The Customer

A powerhouse in the entertainment distribution arena, this company boasts an impressive library of major films and television series, distinguishing itself through both the volume and the caliber of its content. Renowned for its name-brand recognition, it stands at the forefront of content innovation, delivering compelling narratives crafted by some of the industry's most celebrated talents.

The Challenge

The customer faced a monumental task: managing a sprawling digital library that spans thousands of high-quality films and TV series, stored across a disjointed array of tools and platforms. This vast operational footprint involved numerous teams, each utilizing a different set of tools such as Aspera, AWS, Azure, Dropbox, IBM, and physical hard drives. The result was a significant duplication of data, creating inefficiencies and bloating storage costs. Seeking a unified solution to consolidate their data, enhance team collaboration, and eliminate redundancy, the company turned to Molten Cloud. The primary challenge was the migration of this enormous library—a colossal endeavor involving the transfer of vast amounts of data.


Molten Cloud tackled this challenge with its hallmark flexibility and customization, ingesting one million files within just one week of onboarding. As described by a Molten Cloud data scientist,

"Data has never been a problem at Molten Cloud. We have never let files stop us from completing a delivery or onboarding a new client. We will always make it happen, and we will always meet a company wherever they are."

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, Molten Cloud's onboarding strategy is akin to that of medical specialists, meticulously assessing the specific needs of each client's data and crafting a bespoke plan that ensures a seamless migration from point A to point B.


The transition to Molten Cloud has ushered in a new era of operational efficiency and data management for the company:

  • Centralization of Data: The client's data is now unified in one place, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches across fragmented systems.
  • Elimination of Reduplication: The streamlined process ensures that duplicate files are a thing of the past, optimizing storage and accessibility.
  • Unified Source of Truth: With all teams working from one centralized location, collaboration has been greatly enhanced, improving efficiency and decision-making.
  • Data Integrity: The cleanliness and organization of the data have been significantly improved, making management and utilization more effective.

The remarkable capability of Molten Cloud to swiftly ingest massive volumes of data fundamentally transforms the landscape for large organizations. This breakthrough means that businesses no longer have to feel overwhelmed by their extensive data collections. Instead of being burdened by a sprawling mass of information scattered across a myriad of tools from hard drives to cloud services—organizations can now look forward to a future where their data is not just manageable but streamlined and optimized.