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Marché du Film
Industry Insight

What's New at Marché du Film in 2024

As we approach the 2024 Marché du Film, anticipation builds for what is set to be a standout year at the Cannes Film Festival. This year’s market is unique, not only for its record-breaking presence of English-language films in the main competition but also for its innovative explorations into the potential of Virtual Reality in filmmaking. These highlights signal a shift towards more diverse and technologically integrated cinema experiences, reflecting the industry’s broader trends towards globalization and digital innovation. The market this year will also feature discussions and showcases like the Cannes Remakes initiative, emphasizing the creative and commercial possibilities of reimagining cinematic stories for new audiences.

Here's a peek at everything new in 2024:


Over 14,000 participants are anticipated to join


Immersive Competition: In a significant expansion of its competitive offerings, the Festival de Cannes is introducing the Immersive Competition. This competition will showcase groundbreaking works across virtual reality (VR) and other immersive media to redefine storytelling. Attendees can expect to experience cutting-edge narrative forms that extend beyond the traditional cinema framework.


Cannes Remakes: This fresh initiative aims to boost remake opportunities for successful European feature films. The showcase will feature a selection of IP from France, Spain, and Italy, which will be pitched to potential remakers. The event includes one-to-one meetings and a networking cocktail.

Genre Hub: 

The Fantastic Pavilion is back for its second year, further enriching the genre film segment at the Marché du Film. This hub will host activities such as Fantastic Galas and a showcase of genre-specific video games.

Country of Focus:

Switzerland: The country will be represented by films in the Official Selection and will also feature in various promotional activities aimed at fostering international cooperation in filmmaking.

International Presence:

🇹🇼 Taiwan: For the first time, Taiwan's prestigious Golden Horse Awards will be represented at the Cannes’ Marché du Film under the "Golden Horse Goes to Cannes" banner. This initiative, backed by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture, will focus on promoting Taiwanese cinema on the global stage.

🇮🇳 India: This year marks a significant presence for India at Cannes, responding to the past concerns about the underrepresentation of Indian cinema. With three films in the lineup by Indian or Indian heritage filmmakers, the festival celebrates the rich storytelling and diverse narratives emerging from the subcontinent.

🇨🇳 China: China makes a robust return to Cannes with a notable representation by three mainland Chinese filmmakers and an additional filmmaker from Hong Kong. This strong showing is particularly significant, considering the recent years where Chinese cinema had seen less presence internationally.

Notable Mentions

Language Trends: A notable 10 English-language films have made it into the main competition, making up over half of the selection. This high number reflects an increasing trend of English-language entries, driven perhaps by the global draw of big-name directors and major studio productions.

Women in Film: This year’s Festival isn't setting records for female filmmakers, but the inclusion of four women directors — Andrea Arnold, Coralie Fargeat, Payal Kapadia, and Agathe Riedinger — demonstrates a solid commitment to promoting gender diversity in cinema.

Make the Most of the Marché

This year's Marché du Film offers an unprecedented opportunity to witness and engage with the evolving dynamics of the film industry. From a significant English-language presence that could redefine competitive standards, to innovative explorations into VR that could expand the narrative boundaries of cinema, Cannes 2024 is gearing up to be a transformative experience for filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals. To ensure you are fully prepared to navigate these exciting developments and make the most of your time at the festival, read our complete Marché du Film 2024 Survival Guide. This guide is your essential companion for all the insights and strategies needed to thrive in the bustling environment of Cannes.

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