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The Secret Philosophy Behind Profitable Content Distribution

Want to know the secrets of profitable content distribution in the complex landscape of modern distribution? You’re in the right place. 

Through years of hands-on experience, we've worked closely with diverse players in the film & TV distribution landscape, big and small to address the challenges of modern content distribution. With the brilliant minds of MIT-trained engineers and close collaboration with seasoned industry experts, we've managed to build a platform that touches over 10% of the world’s movies and is trusted by film and TV companies across 6 continents to manage 100s of millions of rights and 100s of TB of content.

We’re ready to share what we’ve learned. But lean in closer - it's top secret.

Here's a fact: content distribution today is more sluggish and costly than it needs to be. The underlying problem? Redundancy. Across most organizations, content-related tasks are repeated over and over, creating unnecessary workload. The same data is often rehashed at various stages, from drafting contracts to generating financial reports. This lack of a centralized, reliable source of information is more problematic than you might think.

Consider a single movie from your collection. Can you count the number of times its title appears across your files, spreadsheets, or software tools? Imagine the effort required to sift through these scattered references. Think about the reliance on memory alone to locate specific files or the frequent use of the search function in spreadsheets. And the repercussions of a simple typo or a translated title. It’s not just titles - nearly every piece of your data is represented over and over again in various fragments of your operations. 

The crux of the issue? Continuously navigating through a fragmented network of information is arduous. It's a breeding ground for errors, strains collaborative efforts, and considerably slows down operations. Most importantly, it eliminates the possibility of transparency into your catalog, and makes a huge dent in your contents revenue potential. It’s also probably driving you and your team crazy. There must be a better way of doing things.

Enter MOLTEN. We've pioneered a new approach to distribution, ensuring that your data is interconnected seamlessly. Experience an effortless transition through all phases of your distribution process, backed by our integrated solution.

Wondering what this actually looks like?

Stay tuned! Over the next six weeks, we're rolling out a series on our social media platforms, delving deep into distribution insights gathered from our extensive journey. Regardless of whether MOLTEN fits your toolkit, our groundbreaking content philosophy promises enlightening takeaways for everyone. Join us, and let's redefine content distribution together. Follow along!