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Marché du Film

Retrospective: Marché Evolution


The first Marché du Film is held, coinciding with the 13th annual Cannes Film Festival. It’s a small-scale event, with primarily European film professionals gathering in a single screening room to buy and sell films.


The market grows in size and global influence, attracting professionals from across the world. The focus remains mainly on European films, with a growing number of American titles.


The introduction of home video formats (VHS and Betamax) revolutionizes film distribution. The market adapts, with professionals negotiating deals for new distribution channels.


Home video becomes a major revenue stream for the film industry, further expanding the market. Distribution of both mainstream and independent films increases, reflecting a diverse range of content.


The emergence of digital technology begins to transform the film industry. Digital filmmaking and editing become more accessible, leading to an influx of independent films at the market.


The Marché du Film embraces digital technology, with more films being distributed on digital formats, as the DVD surpasses VHS.


To accommodate the rise of streaming platforms and the growing importance of cross-media storytelling the Cross Media Corner is introduced.


Film distribution becomes predominantly digital. Physical film prints are replaced by digital files, stored and delivered on hard drives or via secure online platforms.


In response to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, the Marché du Film Online is held virtually. Attendance takes a hit, with 25% fewer participants than 2019’s record-breaking 12,527 attendees.


The market returns for the first time in-person with safety protocols to mitigate the ongoing pandemic.


With COVID restrictions loosening globally and promising numbers in the global box office, as well as a plethora of innovative distribution formats available, 2023 is positioned to be one of the most exciting editions of the marché to date. Enjoy!