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Over 100 Platforms Now Supported: Molten Cloud's New Era of Content Delivery

Highlighting Industry Evolution, Molten Cloud Enhances Its Cloud Platform to Facilitate Content Delivery to Over 100 Destinations More Efficiently.

Cambridge, Mass., August 22nd, 2023 – The media operations realm witnessed a significant stride forward today as Molten announced its extended delivery capabilities to over 100 platforms. For those unfamiliar, Molten Cloud is an enterprise cloud platform for media operations with some high-profile backers, such as Ashton Kutcher and Jack Dorsey. The news is set to resonate especially among media professionals and film distributors, promising streamlined operations and reduced technical intricacies.

Arjun Mendhi, Molten CEO, reflects, "In an era where content delivery becomes increasingly more complex, our mission remains clear: to simplify, streamline, and revolutionize. Today marks a significant step forward in that journey, setting a new standard for operational efficiency in media." He adds “This is the latest in a series of Molten’s milestones in enablement for rights holders, and we’re only just getting started”. 

The advent of streaming and digitalization has left content delivery riddled with hurdles, encompassing tedious format requirements, excessive overhead, high volumes of data, and little standardization. Deliveries themselves can take anywhere from days to months depending on their type and size. By harnessing the power of their patented technology and a fresh approach to distribution, Molten Cloud users can accomplish the same tasks in a few clicks.

According to Molten Users at Echelon studios, the platform has allowed them to scale delivery capacity from 100 titles to 1,000, and 3-5x faster with no additional manpower. Increased delivery efficiency has far reaching implications for a distribution company. According to Sandro Gohoho, President of Film Licensing and Logistics, 

"We became more aggressive in our expansion strategy. There is a higher demand for content especially in the VOD/OTT/FAST industry and Molten empowers us technologically to tap into those opportunities.”

By harnessing innovative technology and a fresh approach to the distribution chain, Molten Cloud interconnects disparate data pipelines, yielding a unified operational framework and unprecedented efficiency. This integration promises automation at an organizational level, aiming to make content delivery not just smoother but also economically efficient. And now its reach extends to over 100 destinations for seamless delivery.

The ripple effects of this initiative might be felt across the media industry. Distributors, streaming services, labs, and other industry players can potentially tap into a more effortless content distribution process, thanks to features such as pre-configured delivery templates and straightforward cloud-to-cloud transfers - as simple as one or two clicks. In an increasingly complex media landscape, Molten continues to drive innovation through simplification and automation.

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About Molten

Molten Cloud is an operations platform revolutionizing rights, content, and financial operations in the media industry. Using patented technology, the platform empowers media rights-holders with streamlined operations, unlocking new dimensions of value. Trusted to manage hundreds of millions of rights and hundreds of terabytes of content for film and TV companies across six continents, Molten's influence extends to more than 10% of the world's films, per IMDb.