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Invoices Made Easy

A Labyrinth of Contracts

Managing financials is often as complex as the creative process itself. Studios, with their myriad of contracts featuring an assortment of payment types and terms, find themselves navigating a labyrinth of financial discipline. It's not just about creating; it's about ensuring that every invoice sent matches the intricate details outlined in contracts. 

The question then arises: how can studios maintain this level of detail without getting lost in the paperwork?

Less Paper, Less Work

Imagine a world where your contracts are not just documents stored in a filing cabinet but are living, breathing entities that communicate directly with your invoicing system. This is the world Molten Cloud’s Invoice App seeks to create. By starting with your contract data—your system of record—Molten Cloud offers a seamless transition from contract to invoice, ensuring that you have the most granular, up-to-date view of expected payments at your fingertips.

The process is straightforward yet revolutionary. The app allows for the creation of invoices generated from the intimate details of your contracts. Whether you're dealing with flat fees, minimum guarantees, upfront payments, or revenue shares, Molten Cloud has you covered. You can initiate invoice creation directly from the contracts view, capturing all the nuanced financial data without manually entering the information. Alternatively, forge new invoices from within the app itself, tailoring them to your current needs.

Invoices App: Features that Empower

The Invoice App is designed to empower studios with tools that streamline their financial processes. Here's a glimpse into the features that make this possible:

  • Streamlined Invoice Creation: Generate invoices directly from your contracts, ensuring accuracy and saving time.
  • PDF Generation: Convert your invoices into PDF format, ready for distribution.
  • Direct Email Capability: Send your invoices as PDF attachments directly via email to distributors or internal teams.
  • Search and Filter: Quickly find invoices using the app’s search and filter capabilities.
  • Upcoming Invoices View: Stay ahead of your financial obligations by viewing all upcoming invoices in one place.
  • Integrated Financial Data: Pull financial values directly from contracts, minimizing errors.
  • Historical Versions: Every change to your invoice is recorded, allowing you to track amendments and maintain a clear audit trail.
  • Internal and External Notes: Add notes to your invoices, choosing what appears on the final document.
  • Currency Options: Tailor invoices to international partners by selecting the appropriate currency.
  • Address Book Integration: Automatically populate your network of contacts, keeping track of your interactions.

This suite of features not only simplifies the invoicing process but also ensures that studios can focus more on creativity and less on administrative tasks.

Building Your Network

One of the unique aspects of Molten Cloud’s Invoices App is its integration with the Address Book app. This feature automatically builds out your network of contacts, making it easier to manage your relationships and financial interactions. As you send out invoices, the system keeps track of whom you’ve billed, fostering a comprehensive overview of your financial network.

A Closer Look

Curious about how this all comes together? Molten Cloud invites you to check out a sample invoice. See firsthand the clarity, efficiency, and detail Molten Cloud brings to the often-tedious task of invoicing.