European Film Market

Getting Around the European Film Market

The European Film Market is a world class market that comes only once per year - or in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, just once in three years! You work in an industry that is incredibly creative, and extremely relationships driven, both of which make for an incredible gathering. 

After a couple years of convening virtually, attendees are relieved to be meeting in person once more. In fact, with over 7,000 registrants, including over 1,000 buyers, the market is back to almost pre-pandemic numbers. Filmmakers, sales agents, and buyers will be convening in Berlin for the jointly held film festival and market, known as the Berlinale and European Film Market, respectively. 

Before you start strategizing, or deciding how to spend your limited free time while in Berlin, let’s get you acquainted with the market! We’ve flagged a few notable locations.

A majority of the market will take place across three buildings, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Marriott Hotel, and the Gropius Bau. As you plan your EFM experience, we advise you to keep in mind two things: walking distance and weather. When and where possible, you’ll thank us later if you can schedule your meetings in blocks in one location before moving to another building.

(A) Marriott Hotel

One of the official venues for the market, the Berlin Marriott hotel is brimming with upscale rooms, common areas and meeting spaces. If you’re meeting with sales agents or visiting exhibitors at the market, they may have a space in the Marriott or the Gropius Bau. 

(B) Ritz Carlton

A stone’s throw from the Marriott Hotel, you’ll find the Ritz Carlton. Though it’s not mentioned on the EFM website, it is one of the top tier  hotels in the area, and is a common choice of accommodation and meeting location for market-goers. 

(C) Filmhaus

Located in the Potsdamer Platz, year-round Filmhaus is a home for independent cinema. During the market Filmhuas will hold scheduled screenings for the film market. 

(D) Potsdamer Platz

The Potsdamer Platz is a square where you’ll find a number of upscale destinations including market sites like the Ritz Carlton, Filmhaus, or the Berlinale Palast. The Palast is the most prestigious venue of the Berlinale. Here you’ll find the Competition and the Gala Premieres. Expect a posh lobby, red carpet, and a decadent multistory theater. You can catch the market’s free shuttle service at Potsdamer Platz. 

(E) Cinemaxx

Popular chain theater, Cinemaxx, will be another site for screenings during the market. 

(F) Berlin House of Representatives & Parliament Studio

The Berlin House of Representatives is home to the coproduction market, where producers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters who are working on international co-productions will meet and find new partners for co-production and financing. The coproduction market will take place over five days, from February 18th to the 22nd. Here you will also find Parliament Studio which is another of the market’s screening locations. 

(G) Gropius Bau & Gropius Pavillion 

Perhaps the most famous of the market's venues, the Gropius Bau will be home to many of the market’s meetings, events, screenings, and exhibitors. The building is a historic monument, and home to modern art exhibitions throughout the year.

(H) Documentation Center

Below the Gropius Bau, by the corner of Anhalter and Stresemannstraße you’ll find the documentation center, which is where you might sit for some of the market’s industry sessions. Nearby you’ll find a row of cheaper hotels, for those hoping to avoid shelling out for big names like the Marriott or the Ritz Carlton.

If you’re concerned about the mountain of work surrounding markets like EFM, you’re not alone. Many organizations at the market this year are leveraging the MOLTEN CLOUD for streamlined operations before, during, and after the market. Meet us in Berlin and learn more about how we can increase your revenue at markets like EFM, and save you and your team mountains of time.