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European Film Market

European Film Market Cheat Sheet: What's New in 2024

The European Film Market (EFM) 2024 is set to be an extraordinary event, showcasing a blend of traditional charm and innovative breakthroughs in the film industry. With an anticipated attendance of over 11,500 participants, the EFM is a bustling hub for industry professionals. This year's event features exciting new venues, a spotlight on Italian cinema, and initiatives like AfroBerlin and Reel Time. Keep reading for a succinct overview of what the market has in store for us this year, and what's on the horizon!

New Venues

Documentation Centre: A new, innovative space near Gropius Bau for meetings and events


State-of-the-art multiplex at Potsdamer Platz serving as the central hub for market screenings

Gropius Dome:

A new pop-up venue at Gropius Park, ideal for networking events, parties, and informal gatherings, accommodating up to 300 people​​

Country of Focus

Italy: This year’s spotlight on the Italian film industry includes networking events, screenings, and discussions, providing opportunities for collaboration and exploration of Italian cinema

Key Initiatives

AfroBerlin: A platform organized by Yanibes focusing on African cinema, aimed at bringing together industry players to discuss the market potential of African and Afro-diasporic content​​

Reel Time: A new offering allowing distribution companies to present their latest titles before the official market start. Promo reels will be showcased at CinemaxX, grouped by genres like animation, arthouse, and horror​​

Ukrainian Filmmaker Activities: In collaboration with the Ukrainian Institute and Filmmakers Union of Ukraine, EFM is organizing presentations and panels to discuss the state of the Ukrainian film industry​​


The 10th anniversaries of the Berlinale Series Market and EFM Startups are set to be celebrated with special events, including panel discussions, showcases, and screenings, highlighting the latest in serial content and innovative business ideas​​

Berlinale Programme

The official Berlinale programme has been released online with an exciting international spread including many world-premieres. This year, Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyong'o will head the competition jury as Jury President.

Leadership Changes

The European Film Market 2024 also marks a significant transition in its leadership, as this year will be the last under the guidance of the current EFM director, Dennis Ruh. This upcoming change heralds a new era for the EFM, potentially bringing fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to one of the industry's most influential platforms

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With the addition of new venues and significant changes, EFM 2024 is poised for an intriguing and eventful instance of the market, offering fresh experiences and opportunities for industry professionals. Enjoy it! For more insight into EFM 2024, check out the complete 2024 European Film Market Survival Guide.