Marché du Film

Cannes GPS

A gentle sea breeze washes over you, breaking for a moment the warm lull of the French Rivera sun. With how bright the water shines, you’d never guess that it was already half past 8pm. You are finally here; after weeks of preparation, you’ve arrived at one of TV & Film’s most anticipated events of the year. Now what?

Before you start strategizing for Marché du Film or deciding how to spend your limited free time here, let’s first get you acquainted with the city of Cannes! We’ve flagged a few notable locations around the Palais.

(A) Le Suquet

In the historic neighborhoods of Le Suquet, winding cobblestone streets will lead you to stunning panoramic views of the city. This is an area you shouldn’t leave Cannes without exploring.

(B) Vieux Port de Cannes

In this picturesque port, you’ll likely find an array of luxurious boats and yachts. If you’re lucky, you’ll have been invited to one of the private yacht parties that will take place this week.

(C) Rue Felix Faure

This narrow street above the Vieux Port de Cannes is Cannes’ restaurant row. Follow this road towards La Suquet to find a handful of bars, restaurants, cafes, and small shops.

(D) Village International

While the booths in the Palais will be divided by individual companies, the Village International is organized by country. With over 60 pavilions and more than 80 countries represented, this is a great place for networking, or browsing offerings like film locations, commissions and tax rebates, etc.

(E) Palais de Festival

All of the events of the Marché du Film and the Festival de Cannes will take place in the Palais. Inside you’ll find the festival’s three beautiful theaters, event spaces for panels and keynote speakers, smaller theaters for market screenings, and hundreds of booths across several floors of the Palais.

(F) Rue de Antibes

If you’re planning on doing any shopping in Cannes, Rue de Antibes is likely where you would do it. You’ll find a number of clothing retailers, boutiques, and perfumeries, as well as a selection of bars and restaurants.

(G) Promenade de la Croisette

The Croisette is where you will find Cannes’ most elegant hotels and luxury retailers. The Croisette is a great place to walk along the beach, check out some of Cannes’ most posh offerings, or visit a lavish bar or restaurant.

(H) Croisette Beach

Spanning la Croisette’s promenade are several public and private beaches. Each major hotel will have their own private beach with amenities like towels, umbrellas, and loungers. If you aren’t a guest of the hotel, you can pay for access. Otherwise, you can visit any of the several public beaches along la Croisette or walk west through Le Suquet to one of Cannes' more casual beaches, the Plage du Midi.

For more tips and insight into making the most of the Marché, read our full Cannes Survival Guide here.