Don't be Walmart on Black Friday

Close your eyes and picture your content library. Did it look more like the first time you took the kids to Blockbuster, or more like 4:35pm Walmart on Black Friday?

Streaming platforms have provided great front-end UI frameworks to visualize content. Maybe your website also has a clean window into current avails. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that it is rare that back-end media operations are maintained in an equivalently structured manner.

The reality of distribution infrastructure is complicated. Complex folders containing massive files pulled from myriad sources across various company stakeholder divisions. That’s just gathering the data. Next you have to clean and verify; only then can you send. Oh and each platform you send to has their own formatting preferences for the data they receive. I bet if you asked your team when was the last time they sent something in the wrong format, you’d get an exasperated sigh followed by a long story.

When your sales person filters avails, when your content manager edits a file or organizes poster art, when your legal team touches a contract - they’re touching three completely different file sources. For most distribution teams around the world, their content exists in the bits and pieces of data that are scattered across the cloud and/or local files - and in the minds of the essential employees who understand where to find it all. If we take library to mean an organized collection of things, then most content libraries aren’t libraries at all. 

As a rights-holder, shouldn’t your operational back-end be as instantaneous, clean and seamless as finding a good movie on Netflix? Users search through the library, select a title, view all relevant metadata at their fingertips, and decide to watch. At MOLTEN Cloud, we think operations should be this easy. For the first time in a long history of chasing data across hard drives, paper files, and eventually expensive cloud tools and spreadsheets - technological innovation allows us to manage content in a way that makes intuitive sense. 

Your acquisition team works hard to accumulate strong titles for your sales team to monetize. If your operational workflow is not as simple as you pictured in your head at the beginning of this article, then you’ve got unnecessary friction. If you’re interested in learning how MOLTEN offers uniquely frictionless operations, connect with our team for an introduction, no strings attached. 

We love talking about media operations. Whether you’re looking for a platform demo or a philosophical conversation, our door is open.